FIRST: SOME SERIOUS STUFF (You’re here aren’t you?)

You made it! And here is where all updates will originate from here on out thanks to what I see is the incredible FAILURE of the “Social Media” experiment of the last 20 years. If you look back at the rise of online SM sites, turns out pro-active websites were probably the last best option. LiveJournal is one example. Simply put, a website presence for those who can’t website. Nothing wrong with that either. While setting up a WordPress site is getting easier and easier, it’s still too daunting for probably 75%+ of the public out there and I suspect that number is getting higher now.

Reactive social media has become the downfall of quite a few aspects of society. From personal interactions to marketing tactics both consumer and politically driven. What once was a great idea being able to group all your friends in one place and create this “hang-out” where everyone can keep up with each other was doomed from the start as a social tool. Sure, you can hang out with 10 of your friends at a party and all shoot the shit. What about 50? 100? 1000? 5000? You can see how absurd this idea was. Hence, the reactive model was born. Sit back and react to only those bits of info you felt worthy of chiming in about. Meanwhile on the back end, the servers had to now figure out what, constantly update you with 2500 “friend’s” every 10 minutes dribble? Do you even have an inkling how impossible that is? Your feed if it was a printout would go through a ream of paper probably every 2 hours. Something had to go. It was 90%-99% of your incoming ‘feed’. 

Of course, add in the fact that everything on the internet is NOT private, even the private stuff, a TOA that no one reads cause they just want to be a part of the big machine, the drive to think you as an artist/club/promoter can just utilize all these people as potential customers, and you have a recipe for one of the biggest and bad-assed info-gathering/trackers and advertising target audiences in the world. What, you thought different? Here, have another cat meme. It will distract you from the truth.  

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I’m done with using any reactive social media platform to interact on. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Any of it. I may visit some kick-ass groups in a PRO-ACTIVE manner, but to rely on any social media to be truthful and complete means you’re living with your head in the sand and I’m not even talking about the fake news or real news mixed up with fake news. That you’re still going to have to decipher on your own.

I’m done with watching friends become enemies, the #polarity of opinions becoming prejudiced rants and replies, of misunderstandings and misconstrued posts, all of which seem to dominate social media sites rather than the utopia I had dreamed it would be when I wrote my first Bulletin Board System The Connector which went on to become CyberDen.

So from here on out – I post here and only here. It may spawn through to my other social media sites but I won’t be very active on them – if at all. My personal accounts may eventually just be deleted and maybe I’ll keep a band one. But when over 50% of your friend lists on all social media sites are most likely fake/bots, what’s the point? That’s why I’m here. Where it first started. A website. Where you, as I, must be PRO-ACTIVE both ways. You want to know more about Xorcist and myself as an artist? Great? Bookmark this website or learn about RSS services. 

Does that mean I’m lazy and I hate all of you? No, not at all. The opposite. It means I actually care enough about my fans to go through this process of installing this new site and providing you a place where 100% of my posts will make it to you. It’s up to YOU to want to know about it now. No more of this Facebook “sit back and watch nothing happen” bullshit. 

So, Welcome and feel free to leave comments! Yes, for now I have to moderate them all because bots still love to swarm WordPress sites but I’m hoping that won’t turn out to be to bad of an issue either.