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Xorcist on bandcamp:
What a treat last night to see Heilung perform here in the Bay Area! If you’ve followed Xorcist, you’ll know we’re no strangers to such a mystical atmosphere albeit in a more electronic form. (Soul Reflection cover anyone?). Would have been best seen outdoors or in the forest such as when Xorcist played AV-13 years ago but having the experience come to us was much welcomed in this day and age.

In amazing and honorable display of respect, Heilung writes: “Our special gratitude goes out to Burney Pollard of the Paiute Konkow, Nomelacki, Pomo & Wylacki tribes, and Gabriel Ramos of the Pomo, Paiute, Konkow, Chumash & Yokut California tribes for taking part of our opening ritual and helping us connect to the land and local spirits.”

In the end, I had wished they had been booked at the FOX Theater or Warfield instead as it was painfully obvious that the venue was over capacity. There was NO was to get in or out downstairs so we head up towards the mezzanine which led to another problem. The sound. Up in the mezzanine it was severely lacking mid to high end making the whole concert sound a bid muddled. By looking at the PA setup, and given the over capacity, it looked and sounded like someone in the venue forgot to turn on the upper stacks for mezzanine support so I’m guessing 2 to 3 speakers on each side were off. Oops…

Still a great show!