So these California fires are no joke. No one in their right mind should be joking about them or using them for their own agenda. However, go ahead and read the comments in this story on Facebook:

Scenes from the Walmart parking lot in Chico, California

Scenes from the Walmart parking lot in Chico, California that has become an impromptu refugee camp for the tens of thousands of homeless from the Camp Fire. California does not appear to be offering any assistance and these folks are bing told to vacate by Sunday! (Via California Rising)

Posted by Daily Callout on Saturday, November 17, 2018


Notice anything?

Yup… Trolls. LOTS OF THEM. Gone unchecked. Allowed to spew fake news, hate and the Trump agenda where there is none anymore really. I mean, at this point, using this disaster to somehow point and laugh at others all in the vein of feeling like it’s somehow proof Trump is awesome doesn’t even make sense. There comes a point when actions dictate answers and this one screams either foreign Trolls (take your pick, Russia? China) or bad A.I.

This is why I am distancing myself further and further from Failbook. As an artist, it really ended up doing very little for my band. Those who want to seek me out, fuck man, just enter “” into a browser and bam. So really, the big blue finger is really not worth it as a pro-active digital platform. Now it’s 75% fake accounts, trolls or AI bots selling either cheap products, politics, religion or lies. Seriously – what’s the point?

The only saving grace are the “Groups” which can somewhat be peer moderated but then again, not really. I mean, you HONESTLY think the FB staff can’t monitor/censor/direct or take over your group? Think again…

As for the Camp Fire and those left homeless – it’s horrifying. It’s freezing at night now. Yes there’s a problem and that needs to be addressed without prejudice but with all earnestness. And if anyone real is actually commenting trash talk in that story, then thank you for doxing yourself.