There’s something looming on the horizon. Mark my words…. or at least bookmark them right?

So what is it? It’s the product of the continued disintegration of the digital communicative process on a professional level and it’s going to result in the demise of all things digital. The way your websites operate. The way your PC communicates to your MAC. The way your phone communicates to the outside world. Even the way your own PC communicates with itself. It is doomed. Some of you might have already felt the initial shock waves of impending doom. Updates from Apple that don’t work. Continued distance between compatibility across platforms. Several major updates within apps all in the time span of 12 months. Add that to the average mental and intellectual age of those supporting said platforms to be hovering around 12-22 and you’ve got all the ingredients to a time-bomb. 

Already I’ve experienced this on the upswing and in major fashion. The latest Mac OS update Mojave reeks of this infection. Windows 10  is another. Both are taking turns with not only cross platform fighting but in-fighting. My Mac has destroyed itself once already and I’m staring at my PC while it’s destroying itself as I type…. this to many may seem insignificant. If you think this, you are doomed. It will hit you harder and without prejudice. You will most likely lose everything in the digital domain unless you’ve taken steps to at least keep your sensitive data SEPARATE from your OS platform. Please do that. please….. please…

The problem has become too many cooks in the kitchen and no one is playing nice. There are rogues as well making it basically a ‘fuck-all’ nightmare with no common-ground in sight not that you could have such a thing in this new era of deception in the digital world. We’re left with a myriad of programs all fighting for control and it’s starting to come to a head. Programs taking over control. Programs to watch-dog control. Programs to secretly route control. It’s a mess and no one plays by standards anymore. The result? Your OS will continue to crash and burn until we’re left with the yearning to simple go back to OS9 and Windows 7 and call it a day. Which… if you honestly think about it… should of been where we stopped.