So I know I made an account on Bitchute months and months ago but never used it. With such a lame experience on MINDS, I figured it was probably going to be the same shit – I still have to look deeper into it but so far, YouTube hasn’t done anything stupid to my videos. I mean, even Calling Occupants with Mathilda May’s full glory is up there and yes, the proper representatives have claimed copyright on the movies and cover song (whatever) but that only affords them monitization IF the video gets 100000000 views a day so no worries there. The video is not taken down and there are no copyright strikes on me.

No, what’s weird about Bitchute are two things:

1 – Various videos I posted to YouTube have ended up linked to my Xorcist account on Bitchute. I did not put them there. I assume some bot did that’s connected to YouTube on the back-end. That means Bitchute is leeching data off YouTube somehow – possibly via cookies? Just odd they’re LINKED to my Bitchute account and I have control over the comments, removing them, etc… This means something transparent is happening that goes against privacy laws. That’s a big flag right there.

2 – Bitchute I thought was supposed to be this big attempt at creating a safe, free thinker’s, unedited and uncensored platform for sharing videos and making your presence known. So of course the first comment on one of my 4 cross-posted videos (the IR camera/Gnats one) was from some guy making a fucked up racist comment. Since I can’t delete his comment, I disabled comments altogether for that video. Then I looked at his profile and he’s basically one of those insane pro-Trump racist fucking assholes who has found a new home to spew his hate agenda, making death threats on minorities and anyone not white. The thing is, Bitchute offers when you report someone to report them making such comments yet have done nothing about it. Looking at his profile, he’s been spewing his bullshit for eons with no repercussions. it looks like Bitchute is yet another platform that OPENLY supports racism, sexism, prejudice and hate. Big fucking surprise… so many of these so called forward thinking sites claiming to get away from all this censorship and shit end up looking like fronts for it instead OR it’s just a true reflection of the majority of the sicked, fucked up individuals that plague our country. Pathetic.